Gsun Smart Technology Co., Ltd is a Joint Venture Group with two manufactures----- 1) Electronic Product Manufacture 2) LED Light manufacture


Here at Gsunour mission is to bring solutions to our customers and provide them with an experience, not just a product. Headquartered in the heart of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.  


In 2009, Leon & Romina formed Gsun through trading LED Light and Electronic product at Shenzhen. We began LED lighting business by selling LED Light Bulb, Electronic products by selling computer mouse. In 2010, we built up our first manufacture for computer mouse.


In 2013, we built up our manufacture for developing product line into LED Light Strip. We strive to eliminate energy-wasting, traditional lighting technology and provide our customers with energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting. Gsun has since evolved into a highly-esteemed lighting company with a growing product line that meets our customers specific needs. Bottom line: We love LED, we love our products and we love our customers.


Gsun maintains an experienced engineering and technical support team with immense knowledge of Electronic and LED industry. Now Gsun offers many different LED lighting products, including LED light bulbs, LED light strips and LED light strip accessories for LED Line and all kindlys of Electronic product accessoires. These lighting solutions are available in a wide range of bulb types, bases, styles and output options. Gsun Smart also provides complete, custom-designed lighting kits for home and business projects.  

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